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Michael Hackett
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Re: Aiki Expo 2005 Reviews?

The Expo was more than amazing to me. It was my first and what a tremendous experience for anyone. Three of us from our dojo attended, a nidan, a 3d kyu, and me, a 4th kyu. We all got something different from our training and experience and we all agreed that we got something alike as well. I treated the event like a buffet in that I wanted to see and train with a variety of sensei during the weekend. One of my first experiences was getting thrown by Jun Akiyama in Matusoka Sensei's class on Friday - neat way to make an introduction. What was of tremendous benefit to me was the chance to train as a partner with many of the sensei who were attending some of the classes as students. Ledyard Sensei was very patient working me through a technique that I just couldn't seem to grasp in one class and Nakiyama Sensei showed me how soft his movement was as he chucked me hard in another. I had heard about, read about, and viewed films of Ikeda Sensei's subtle and small movements before. Until I grasped his wrists in class and felt it, I had no clue of what I had seen and heard before. That doesn't imply that I can do it, but I can say that I felt it!

The Friendship Demonstration only seemed to last about 15 minutes. I was amazed that it was over so quickly - probably the shortest fours hours I've ever experienced.

Overall, a very valuable experience for me and I'm already planning to attend the next one.

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