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Re: Aiki Expo 2005 Reviews?

Rob Liberti wrote:
The only thing I heard about my teacher (Gleason sensei) from one of my friends was that they thought he had really good timing in choosing ukes during his demonstration, and that he attended Chritian Tessier sensei's class. That is awesome. It must have been really great to take that class and get Gleason sensei as a partner.
Gleason Sensei's demo was a masterpiece! He was "in the zone". It was as if the spirit of Yamaguchi Sensei himself had posessed him. Seriously, I am not sure that many folks understood what they were looking at. So many folks filter what they think is good through the filters of the style they do. But this man was totally in control, completely relaxed, absolutely connected. I count Gleason Sensei as a friend as well as one of my inspirations and I was so proud to see him step up and show the larger community what he is capable of.

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