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Re: Aiki Expo 2005 Reviews?

I was unable to attend due to a family emergency. (Grandmother had an "unsurvivial" heart attack last Tuesday night - she is actually still alive, not in pain, and resting. Not too much time left.)

Some of my friends were calling me at night and giving me updates. I heard that Christian Tessier was absolutely amazing. He showed things at one level, and then continued to show those things at increasingly difficult to grasp levels in a very helpful way. Pretty much my ideal.

I really wanted to me mean Shaun Ravens. I heard interesting things about one of your teacher's exploratory ikkyo class - something about trying to do it without any momentum. I like that idea very much. I would have loved to have felt that. (As an aside - I'm not sure how I feel about teaching what you are working on at seminars in general, but I think it is fair for an Expo - where the point it to get to know where people are at.)

One of my friends liked the systema class where one person put you in a head lock, and one or two other people tried to free the person in the head lock by punching you fairly hard where ever your body was really tight trying to keep the head lock. That would have been interesting (in a painful kind of way).

I also heard wonderful things about what George Ledyard sensei had to say during some of his classes. I've decided that I need to basically read everything he has ever written about aikido.

The only thing I heard about my teacher (Gleason sensei) from one of my friends was that they thought he had really good timing in choosing ukes during his demonstration, and that he attended Chritian Tessier sensei's class. That is awesome. It must have been really great to take that class and get Gleason sensei as a partner.

All of my information is second hand. I hope you all don't mind. It was such a nice distraction for me to hear it all, and I have to say I don't mind the distraction of reporting back waht I heard. Please fill in details and/or correct me if I got anything wrong in the telephone game.


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