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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Rupert A. wrote: That's just what I mean - there's nothing else to kill us! And if we get rid of these two, what will we die of?
hmmm.... old age?
As for the rest of the thread- not all senseis go on "spiritual paths" and not all believe in them (so Tony S., don't quit Aikido, you might just lose a great MA! )
people die because they die- how many in your dojo practice 2-4 times a week, but after class go to the local pub and drink 4 half liters of beer (just does wonders to your liver... ). How many smoke? (and if it's just cigarretes it's "good")
It's known that some old senseis used to indulge in wonderful competitions like who can drink the most sea water and so... I can't say any of these activities are healthy.
People don't neccesarily lead a healthy life just because they do Aikido, and so they might die at an early age or not.
It also depends on the genetics we get and the surroundings we live in (air pollution, correct diet and so).
As for the chakra's- some believe in them, others don't. I'm not saying either, I never got to actually be explained enough to "take sides".
Each person should live as they see fit, and that's fine. If they die at an early or old age, some would say "only he above knows that".
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