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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

A word of concern to all that practice meditation and take it to an all out extreme.Do not dwell on KI as the essence of life and death..Practice the martial art and follow principles...But when one gets too into the mistic inner energy..You might think you have entered a path of spiritual enlightment that makes you see things in the true...Jesus is the only way,the truth and the life..Emptying yourself thru meditation makes you vulnerable to evil spirits.
I keep coming across this idea that meditation is about emptying the mind. This seems to be a preconception held by people who have not practised meditation with a proper teacher. I suspect it is also an inaccurate polemic spread by those within parts of the evangelical Christian movement, intended to sow distrust.
Jesus and evil spirits aside, I think the advice in the first quote is fairly sound as certain meditative practice can leave the practitioner very open to another's control and conditioning or to some sorts of delusions.
To me this seems to come from the same place of fear and distrust as something I was told personally recently: that yoga is "introducing Hinduism through the back door".
That's just wrong.

Be mindful!
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