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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Antonino Digohermano wrote:
Deaths of some great sense-is have somewhat alarmed me, noticed that most of them died of fatal diseases, if not cancer, massive heart attacks and other terminal illnesses. These consequences have worried me a bit, so I did my own research and analysis silently with regards to practicing aikido.
You did your research and analysis silently eh? Pity you couldn't keep quiet.

Antonino Digohermano wrote:
Mine is just of word of advise and should served as brotherly concern if not some sort of warning. It's up to you guys I just wanted to share my views and conclusions...
And satisfy your own ego.

Antonino Digohermano wrote:
Please refrain from focusing on one point, especially to those practicing ki development, or to the higher ranking Aikidoka. There's so much to understand about ki, it's principles and practices. My esoteric inclinations has drawn me to this sports that I have come to love.

I do practice hatha, arhatic and raja yoga, I'm on my higher stage of meditations,
"Higher"......Hmmm. You could be said to be high certainly.

Antonino Digohermano wrote:
so I needed a higher degree of physical exercises/activities. And I chose Aikido for it is somewhat congruent yada...Yadda....half baked spiritual rubbish...these energy centers controls our vital organs. When we keeblah....blah....yet more semi-concious ramblings.....possibly should read a medical text or two before posting..... These energy centers should be aligned or incoherence in motions, for the energy passes through these centers(chakryadda...yadda...still going and going...won't shut up.....determined to show himself up....hose certain energy centers.

These what might have happened to those great sensei who have passed away, because for me theirs is not just an ordinary deaths...
Somebody call the men in white coats. We've got a live one here!

People live. People die. All the semi literate pseudo scientific psychobabble in the world won't change that.

One point?

Why not go and do some serious training?

Second thoughts...Just go.



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