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Emptiness and chakra

Alex Megann wrote:
Meditation, as I understand it, both in the yogic and Christian traditions, is a very personal practice of letting go of the debris of everyday living, and learning to see more clearly the true essence of things. This is nothing like emptiness.
Alex, that's neatly put. I agree. It's about relating to everything, not making it nothing.

About chakra, I would say that the second one is far from only related to sexuality, in the very complex Indian tradition. And if it were, I would not mind a bit

Personally, I would rather link the root chakra, if any particular one of them, to sexuality. That's where the genitals are, and isn't the coiled up serpent, rising by stimulation, an obvious metaphore of at least male sexuality?

Sex might not prolong your personal life, but it definitely prolongs life as such

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