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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Tony Sapa wrote:
..Emptying yourself thru meditation makes you vulnerable to evil spirits..I dont mean to get religous on you all but threads like these just make me want to quit practicing Aikido at times..
I keep coming across this idea that meditation is about emptying the mind. This seems to be a preconception held by people who have not practised meditation with a proper teacher. I suspect it is also an inaccurate polemic spread by those within parts of the evangelical Christian movement, intended to sow distrust. To me this seems to come from the same place of fear and distrust as something I was told personally recently: that yoga is "introducing Hinduism through the back door".

Meditation, as I understand it, both in the yogic and Christian traditions, is a very personal practice of letting go of the debris of everyday living, and learning to see more clearly the true essence of things. This is nothing like emptiness.

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