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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Hombu Dojo grading list in Japanese?

I have that exact same copy in English as well. It was given to me by my teacher, Hiroshi Kato sensei. Last year, when he was here in Houston doing testing, he asked to see the Hombu Dojo sheet in Japanese but we didn't have one so I thought to ask so as to be ready this time.The link Matthew gave above appears to be from the Japanese side of the Aikikai homepage. I didn't know they had that there.
By the way, for anyone in shooting distance of Houston, we are having our Seminar with Kato Sensei starting this Saturday. We are also sponsoring an Aikido Demonstration with instructors form all styles from around the State. This is a big job to do twice a year and it scares me to think how much is still left to be finalized. I hope to see some of you there.
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