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Re: Latest Issue of "Aikido East" Now Available

Thanks for your reply Rupert. I really appreciate it.
Vagueness aside, there are some very distinct differences in the documents (Rules) as I described above. My question specifically relates to why is Yamada Sensei stating Hombu dojo changed the wait period for Shihan when as best I can tell, that was never the case. Yamada Sensei cites references that do not exist. If I am wrong, I would like to be corrected. The article left me with the impression that Yamada Sensei was saying that Hombu Dojo put him in a bind so he couldn't promote people to Shihan earlier but since it was changed later, he could then comply.

Also, I am well aware that others besides Shihan can grade but can those yudansha recently promoted to Shihan in the USAF-ER "rubber stamp" as you say. That would imply they are of equal standing as their Japanese counterparts.
Lastly, I have always been told that Shihan had responsibility for overseeing a region or organization. Is this not correct?
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