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Shouri (Steve)
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Ai symbol My Thoughts

I agree that it is hard to say that someone should not make a living at teaching Aikido if they can. Why shouldn't you make a living doing something that you love?

However, I did select "No" to the poll. The reason is the same reason that sensei gave me as to why he does not like to go behind the business counter at the dojo. The dojo's sensei should not handle the money. It takes away from the spirit of the dojo.

In my opinion, if someone makes a living doing something else, but teaches Aikido just for the love of teaching it, then that is a better situation. The dojo is then a place where you learn the spirit of Aikido, and not the business of Aikido.

So, I believe that a dojo should make enough money to pay for itself, but not much more. Certainly not enough to support one or more sensei.

Of course, my perfect scenario would be a dojo-temple that is completely self-sufficient (like a Shaolin Temple) where all of the students are uchi deshi and they learn more than just Aikido (like horticulture, architecture, medicine, the sciences, etc). But, this wonderful concept has long since lost its viability in today's world.


-Shouri (Steve)
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