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Adam Alexander
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Re: techniquies in street fights

Liam Smith wrote:
would Shomenuchi Eacheo irimi work in a street fight? Would the attacker attack shomenuchi? Or would he just punch or kick? Or would this happen to you ? seeing as im a yellow belt please excuse my stupid\ignorant questions
Alright, I'm a "Johnny-come-lately," but, of the ten or so posts I read, I didn't see a similar response...Here's my two cents...

In "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" the authors categorize the types of attacks Aikido deals with. The three hand strikes we use are comparable (according to them--I agree) to any strike that can be delivered from the upper-body.

Further, used as a strike, shomen-uchi is effective...particularly while yelling "hi-yaa."

Finally, people will attack with shomen-uchi. In the back of Gozo Shioda's book "Dynamic Aikido" he show's a demonstration of it. (someone did respond similar to this with "depends on what they're attacking with.)
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