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Mike Sigman
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Re: Extending Ki.

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
Yes, that which I call has nothing to do with balls of energy and knocking people over. I feel the same way you do, as far as I understand: it's like an ether we share - also through a computer. A benevolent ether, one can say, encouraging playing and dancing with it, because it is by nature playful and dancing.
Hi Stefan:

The problem is not the mysteriousness of ki... it is more the problem that that word "ki" was used as an umbrella-term that covered "unknown forces". So if you move an opponent with psychology, that is ki. If you generate a "magnetic feeling" in Reiki, that is ki. If you are full of energy because you ate a good breakfast, that is ki. If a child is stronger than most other children his age, that is because of ki. If you feel more energy in a hyperbaric chamber, that is ki. If a magician tells you what card you are holding in your hand, that is because of his ki. And so on. It's not so much that "ki permeates the universe" as much as "all unknown forces were explained as aspects of ki". There are indeed some interesting phenomena that are called "ki", but it's sometimes hard to separate out the really interesting ones because the work "ki" was used to explain so darned many things.


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