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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?


I guess the confusing part is that you seem to be suggesting that you cannot or that you should not state that a clashing of energies (yang to yang/yin to yin) is outside of Aiki. Your only reasoning for that is to say that Aiki is complex.

I can understand that Aiki is complex, no one would deny that. However, when you seem to be suggesting that we cannot or should not even say that a clashing of energies is outside of Aiki then you are either saying something like "Aiki resists language at all levels, even the simplest ones;" or you are going to have to say that clashes are in fact a part of Aiki; or you are going to have to acknowledge that no matter how complex Aiki may be we can in fact say that a clashing of energies is outside of Aiki. The clincher for me is why you suggest any yes or no answer to the question, "Are clashes of energies Aiki?," is meaningless. When you say something is meaningless, especially a simple answer to a simple question, you are saying something resists expression. You are not just talking about a complexity.

After all, complexity only denotes that there is more, it does not mean than negative statements cannot be deemed meaningful. In fact, in law, in science, philosophy, and even metaphysics, mysticism, and theology, negative statements are often used to tell us something about something else that is very complex by telling us about that which it is not. Saying that such clashes are not a part of Aiki may very well indeed not capture the totality of what someone might want Aiki to be, but it does very much indeed tell us something very meaningful about what is a part of that complexity by telling us what is not a part of that complexity.

In short, maybe I can understand you better if you can tell me why your resistance to saying that such clashes are not a part of Aiki can rest on a disclaimer of "meaningless" - one that is brought about by a complexity of what Aiki is or is not. Again - if you can explain that to me, I might be able to get better what you are saying. I'm afraid right now, it is very difficult for me to understand your position regarding why it is meaningless to say that such clashes are outside of Aiki.

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David M. Valadez
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