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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Larry Camejo wrote:
.... As far as your Tai Chi push hands experience goes, if it truly felt like Aiki to you then it probably was. Didn't the "old man" say that anything that is forced is not Aikido? Sounds like your partner walked into that technique. Sounds like Aiki to me at a basic level.....
Yeah, at the time he was more certain than I was that it was Aikido -- it felt like nikkyo and other things shmooshed together.

But it does not necessarily mean that this can be repeated had your partner been seriously attacking (not doing push hands to give you an initial comfortable touch point of reference), resisting (negating every movement you make) and counter attacking with intent .....
Yes, and for that reason, I am nor sure what, if anything, from Aikido will "pop up" when Guro Andy gets us sparring. But would that necessarily mean anything one way or the other? Is Aiki impossible in that situation, or is it just so complicated with the roles of uke and nage unlocked that the opportunities for it pass in a microsecond?

I don't know. Maybe down the road, I'll be able to tell you.

What David and I are getting at I believe is that many of us stop at the level of achieving Aiki in a very basic, cooperative setting (a mediocre level???) and think that we have reached the peak of the mountain so to speak (the level of excellence). Sometimes when at what we think is the "peak" it may be good to see if one can reach up and touch the moon itself. Just in case.

Well, I'm barely into the foothills, so I can't tell you how my experiences jive with that or not. But I don't see how "cooperative" can be "mediocre." How can you go beyond that without risking O Sensei's prohibition against comeptions? And even then, even most sparring is also, to a certain extent, aritificial. Do you send yodanshas into dark alleys with ten dollar bills hangining from their pockets? Sounds like a good way to get people to resign!
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