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David Yap
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Re: Article: An Unjust Belief by Paul Schweer

Lorien Lowe wrote:
A long time ago, in a dojo a few blocks away...

Sensei: 'Extend your arms. Think about energy flowing down your arms from your center.'
Newbie: 'Think about *what*?!'
Sensei: 'Energy. Think about energy.'
Newbie: 'Uhh...'
Newbie: (thinking to self) 'what the hell is he talking about?! There's no such thing as energy that can be channeled like that by a human.'
Sensei: 'project!'
Newbie (thinking to self) 'ok, well, maybe if I just *imagine* there were some sort of energy...'
Newbie: 'Hey! it works!'
Similar to Xinyi Quan (mind boxing) or what KT's mind & body coordination

David Y
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