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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

David Valadez wrote:

No offense taken at all. Thanks for writing in. However, do you think that we could at least say tha ta clashing of energies does not represent an expression of Aiki? (e.g. Yang to Yang or Yin to Yin)
Personally, I would say that the either/or restriction of the question oversimplifies the principle, so a yes or no answer is not that meaningful.

David Valadez wrote:
If not, can we say, "All things being equal, it is more effective martially to not clash with your opponent's energy but to use that energy for one's own intentions."?
Sure, but I think that's only a small portion of the thing in question.

Of course, a lot of the above depends on exactly what your conception of "Aiki" is, both in a technical and a philosophical sense.



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