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Re: Latest Issue of "Aikido East" Now Available

I have read this article by Yamada Sensei and came away with it a little confused. Maybe someone here can help clarify somethings for me.
Although I know Shihan and Sensei can both be used for teacher in the general sense, I was under the impression that for the purposes of aikido, Shihan represented something akin to a regional supervisor or a master level instructor with certain responsibilities. If this is the case, why would there be a need to have so many people with the title of Shihan just in the USAF-ER? Also since Yamada Sensei promoted certain individuals to Shihan, can they now promote others up to say, 5th Dan and file their own paper work with Hombu Dojo?
Also I noticed that the rules for Shihan as referenced in the article do not lead to the IAF or Aikikai Foundation website. When I went to the Aikikai Foundation's website and read the rules they do not match the rules posted by Yamada Sensei. The rules posted on the Aikikai web site do not say anything about a 6 year wait period for Shihan after obtaining 6th Dan. Also the dates of the docs do not match. Revisions to the rules went into effect in Oct of 2000 not June of 2001 as noted on the Yamada Sensei doc.
So which doc is accurate? Has anyone else found inconsistencies in this article or am I missing something?
Thank you.
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