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Re: Extending Ki.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Stefan, I agree with your post, however you are talking about extending ki in quite a different way than I believe the originator of this post was talking about.
I believe that the energy prevades all of us and we are interconnected, therefore it is possible to affect someones ki from afar, we do it everyday! It can even be done through the computer!
However, to me, there is a big difference in the subtlies of this than "throwing KI" and knocking someone over.
As Mike Sigman pointed out, i believe, suggestibility plays a big role in thhis process. Is that KI? I think so, but I believe it to be a much different mechanic than a "ball of energy" being "thrown".
Dear Kevin,
I thank you for your wise words. Yes, that which I call has nothing to do with balls of energy and knocking people over. I feel the same way you do, as far as I understand: it's like an ether we share - also through a computer. A benevolent ether, one can say, encouraging playing and dancing with it, because it is by nature playful and dancing.

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