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Smile Re: Aikido A Place to Find True Love?


Being a man, I can tell you men don't join Aikido to meet woman. What is the men to woman ratio. Men join for all sorts of reasons. Some of the those reasons are things like hanging out and being with other guys. For some it is to get away from all the responsibilities assigned to them. Male bonding in something that is of interest to males. Men are hunters, they form hunting parties to be more successful. Woman are gathers that form groups to be more successful. Men in this respect are no different then woman, visa versa.

When it comes to affairs of the heart some woman make rules on how to be approached unknown to men. When a man approaches a woman and brakes the rules he isn't aware of Cupid often takes a dive. The way a woman or man reacts to that is a matter of individuality and personality. It doesn't reflect on an Aikido class. It is no different then if two people of the same sex didn't happen to like each other in class. Not everyone who joins a dojo is the right fit, or gets along with everyone. No everyone in the dojo has a solid friendship with everyone else.

There are personality conflicts between people that are pretty common in anything, an Aikido class is no different. Personality conflicts can be overtly looked at as tension between the sexes, usually faulting the male. That is unfair because of the dynamics involved between men and woman. There is little difference structural in the initial stages of a developing friendship and that of seeking courtship.

What ever problems people say about dating on the mat are very similar in nature to those that occur way more often when people come together for general purposes, like at an Aikido class. Lots more people stop going to class because of personality conflicts.

In this light, dating on the mat doesn't really create major problems. At most it makes other people uncomfortable, if flirting takes place, and if it does it is easily corrected. As one poster said it can be done discretely. There is nothing immoral or unethical about two people finding love on the mat. I am for a forum for those who are looking for romance. Bars and Gyms and other meat markets doesn't have the same quality of people that Aikido does. Aikido attracts a different kind of person, mostly men, but woman too. It is hard to be single in this day and age. At least in an Aikido class you have a chance to get to know someone, unlike a bar or a gym. How many bad experiences are possible and likely in a bar, gym or other types of meat markets. Yuck!
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