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Re: Aikido Works

Michael Neal wrote:
..... the shihonage breakfall is one that still scares the hell out of me to this day .... If Nage hesitates at all with that throw it is very easy to land right on your neck.
Having been on the business end of a lot of shiho nages, I don't see that as a hazzard. You do have to worry about your arm unwinding and having all these muscles in your arm, shoulder, and side being pulled, strained, or ripped. But landing on your neck? Don't see it m'self.

Matter of fact, the breakfall for that isn't really a breakfall; it's called a "rear sitfall." A Judo player capable of taking a hip throw should have no problem with that. Maybe all Judo people 4th kyu and up should be required to know shiho nage. It's inexcusable if they don't because for them it's too damn easy.
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