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Re: Aikido Works

M. Neal,

You are just such a Judo lover. Aikido to you is like the girl you like very much from next door, isn't it. It is attractive enough for you, but you just can't seem to get her attention, yes?

M. Neal said:
Its not too bad for me, it is too bad for the Aikido people who injure themselves because they can't take ukemi. And its too bad for all the Aikidoka who can not learn how to do a simple hip throw because there classmates can't take the fall. It impedes the learning process.
Each person has different learning curve... some are better, some are not. Those whom you can't throw koshinage (I guess that is your favourite technique isn't it?), then do something else. You will still get him on the ground. Aikido is a mutual beneficial exercise for both party. If you know your partner can't take it and you try to force it, two outcomes I predict... you will fail the technique because uke will, from sheer panic, cling on to you for dear life and a miserable technical outcome. Or, you will force the technique through and the unprepared uke will injured himself. Either way, it is not the desired outcome of the exercise.

I am wondering why you are so fixated on getting people with koshinage. There are so many techniques to choose from to still get the desired result, aren't there?

BTW, Koshinage isn't in my school's official grading syllabus. So we don't specifically learn how to breakfall from them. I guess that is purely Judo technique. However, in a jiyu waza session, some Judo trained fellows wishes to throw in a bit of koshinage to spice things up.. it is fine with sensei, but SAFETY is the key consideration.

I agree with just about everything you said. BTW, the shihonage breakfall is one that still scares the hell out of me to this day. I would rather be thrown with a huge Judo throw with Nage landing on top of me than do that. If Nage hesitates at all with that throw it is very easy to land right on your neck.
See... there are bound to be a certain ukemi that you are also not so good at taking. So, do see it from the point of other people. To them Koshinage throw is as scary as Shihonage throw to you. Hah, now that I know your weakness... you bet I will throw you with shihonage every time I get the opportunity if we ever meet up in a competition environment .

Koshi Nage or not... what do I know or care... I am only just an Atemi Kind of Guy .


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