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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Larry Camejo wrote:
.... the issue here is not so much with the students as it is with the Instructors who are supposed to be indicating the way towards a deeper understanding of the art for those who wish to explore it. Instructors should be the measure of the quality of training at any dojo, yes or no? If yes, then that quality should have an objective measure that is independent of who is taking the ukemi, yes or no?
Who determines what is an "objective" standard? By what criteria? If the instructors in question have met their organizations requirements for being an instructor, then what else is required?

Sounds like I'm fudging, but I think it can be a trick question: If I say "Yes" and then you set a standard almost nobody can reach, what does that prove?

.... If you have allowed yourself to be taken to the ground then you have already lost initiative, balance and posture which are integral parts of Aiki waza (at least as done in Aikido). It's not about getting Aikido to work on the ground (i.e. ne waza) but having Aikido that is sound enough that does not allow you to have to get taken to the ground and still works effectively from the vertical posture against a serious grappling attack. Imho (and I can be wrong) ne waza is the realm and combative range of Wrestling, Judo and a part of Jujutsu etc. So if you are on the ground as an Aikidoka you need to be effective in Ju waza and Ne waza as the opportunity for applying Aiki may have already been lost imho. Of course I can be wrong.
I don't know if you're right or wrong. The key question is if Aiki happens only at the outset of a situation, or if the opportunity can come and go at any point. My personal feeling leans towards the latter, based mainly on the experience of a pushing hands practice in Tai Chi where my partner put himself in nikkyo and I took advantage of it. If I hadn't, I would have been in trouble in the next second -- he was probably going for his own trap. I knew that hand position from Aikido -- it didn't come from anywhere else. So was it Aiki, or wasn't it?
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