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Mike Sigman
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Re: Extending Ki.

The problem with ki/qi is that it's really an amalgam of phenomena which sometimes are used together, but some of which can be stand-alone. There is a *part* of ki/qi that has to do with "magnetic feelings" and being able to project those feelings to a limited degree. David Eisenberg wrote a book called "Encounters with Qi" in which he described some of the various qi phenomena he encountered in China. (David Oschman makes a study of this, as does Elmer Greene of the Meininger Institute)

To make a long story short, Eisenberg admitted that he could "feel something" from a qigong master behind him... but it didn't make him do anything. There's an element of suggestion to this part of ki/qi and it is a tenuous effect that seems to have little or very limited application, although a lot of people use it dramatically with the very suggestible people who often volunteer for these things. As a focus in martial arts, I'd suggest dropping it and concentrating on the functionally useful.


Mike Sigman
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