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Re: Extending Ki.

Darren Paul wrote:
..My question is this, seeing as Ki, Chi, Qi, prana and other forms of energy explaination are all the same thing, has anyone out there experianced anything like this from an Aikido perspective...
I was at a seminar with the late Simcox Sensei. He had a white belt sit in a seiza position. He began moving his hands about the front part of the student's body without touching the student. Soon, the student began moving around. Finally the student fell off to one side. The student resumed sitting seiza and again he was lead to the ground/side.

My chief instructor was talking about taking up slack and feeling an empathy for your partner/opponent. Then he remarked, "This is more than just physical." Then he had me stand several feet away from him on his left side. He faced forward and I was to attack yokomen from the side by stepping forward. He got into a judo crouch, he used to study judo before aikido, and relaxed.

When I raised my hand to attack, he said, "Now!". He could preceive my attack from my intention/ki extension. I tried to attack several times, but he always knew when.

Skeptically, I wondered if he could see me move. However that would almost impossible since we were at right angles to each other. At the most, I was riding at the very edge of his peripheral vision. I also thought that maybe he could hear me move. But I know that he is deaf in his left ear and that was the side he had me attack from.

These are both extreme examples of ki extension. Both individuals are highly experienced and are chief instructors. These are not things that are normally demonstrated. In all the years I've known my chief instructor, he's only done this once.

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