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Re: Aikido A Place to Find True Love?

Those darn lonely Aikidoist looking for love, they are suchbig trouble.

I guess some dojo's freak out over the fact some people start dating as a result of Aikido class. Can you or should you stop people from being able to date. Realistically no, and you shouldn't it. I agree that amorous behavior shouldn't be openly displayed while training. How awkward is it to watch people holding hands or public mat display of affection?

What really is the problem when two people who are dating train with each other more often. Compare that with those who are picky, or call it selective, and will not train with everyone in class. They will not train with just anyone from reasons that range from a newbie to personality issues. What is the difference of those who are force to train with someone they don't like they train half-heartedly, or display other none sense on the mat? This happens more then the occasional meeting of the hearts.

Love...Love...Love...all you need is Love...all together now...Everybo-dy...
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