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Freaky! Extending Ki.

Hi people,

Ki Extension is to me alien at present, having only been training for 7 months and now suffering with knee injury and taking anything up to a year before i return to practice.

I do believe in Ki and extending it, but as of yet have not really experiance anything dramatic in this area. I believe in both its destructive and healing properties, but again have experianced neither first hand.

A few yeas ago i witnessed first hand at a Chi-kung class, the instructor making a student fall down on to a chair by extending their chi into the student. At the time I did'nt believe what i was seeing and put it down to flashy salesmanship by the instructor hoping to recruit new students. Since then i have seen and heard many other amazing feats (believable or not I do not know) that dealt with similar techniques. One involved a master Chi practionar manipulating Chi in such a way that people standing behind partition would collapse or be knocked over. Some felt there legs give way, while others felt liked they had been pushed or smacked in the chest. I have heard tales where master's can rupture vessels and internal organs as well as heal injury's.

I've heard of the CIA investigating and practising similar techniques that utilize this form of energy to kill people or influence general health in remote targets.

My question is this, seeing as Ki, Chi, Qi, prana and other forms of energy explaination are all the same thing, has anyone out there experianced anything like this from an Aikido perspective. Now i know that there have been some clear studies done from a healing angle using Ki or Kiatsu, but has anyone experianced or heard of stories relating to Ki being used to knock people over or even harm them.

Do you believe in these stories?, have you had anything like this done to you and how does it feel?.


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