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Hi Jim,

I used to practice hapkido (my particular variant changed its name to Hankido a while ago), and while I'm definitely not a master (last time I looked, there weren't any large numbers attached to my dan ranking), let me throw my two cents in.

Hankido as I was taught incorporates a pretty wide range of techniques; these included punching (hooks, elbows, etc. included), kicking (We did the jump spin Hollywood thingies as well as knees and low kicks), what some would call judo throws (shoulder, hip, reaping, footsweeps, sacrifice, etc.), pain/compliance throws/locks (things identifiable as kotegaeshi, nikkyo, juji nage, etc.), as well as groundwork/grappling (quite judo-like with stuff like the juji-gatame, scarf hold, bits of shimewaza, etc). Now this seems like a hell of a lot, and it is. Unfortunately, what really matters is how good you are at applying techniques you can truly call your own, which is quite different from knowing a whole bunch of techinques at a barely functional level. The main thing I took away from hapkido/Hankido was flexibility of response; that is, I don't feel totally out of my element when doing stand-up atemi fests, wrasslin', etc. Course, I still suck at the aforementioned, but I don't TOTALLY suck. Now, I'm just trying to suck less at aikido.

BTW, I'm not wearing any underwear.

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