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Larry John
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Re: Aikido A Place to Find True Love?

I have an aiki wife. We also work together.

We've found that it's usually best to ignore the fact that we're married when working or training. This is because the marriage relationship opens vulnerabilities and places demands that can conflict with good training or working relationships. This can lead to hurt feelings and training that's less effective or honest.

We try very hard to conduct things such that when we work together, we're both professionals.

When we train together, we're both aikido students. Unless one of us (usually me) gets physically hurt more than a little, in which case the marriage relationship kicks in until such time as sensei declares things to be under control; then we're students again. (She's given me several fat lips over the last four years, but she was the first one to get to me when I tore a hamstring on my nikyu test--thanks, love).

Of course, some instructors prefer that we not pair up when they teach, and we respect their wishes. We wouldn't want to be a distraction for anyone, including ourselves.

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