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Stefan Stenudd
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Judo advance

Michael Neal wrote:
Aikido definately has had a profound influence on my Judo, I am very aggressive in that I do not back away from my opponent. I move right into them as they are coming to grip me, those whoe are not experienced with doing randori with me are often thrown off balance mentally by this.
Interesting strategy - quite different from what is usually seen in judo championships. FWIW, I strongly believe you have the right approach, Michael.

Somebody I knew used the same method, quite successfully, against skilled judo practicioners. To him, it was advancing with his center, sort of offering it to the partner. They could not deal with that, and lost their balance.
At the moment they applied a throwing technique, he did the opposite of what was expected - he advanced, center forward, instead of retreating. Straight posture, relaxed body, center forward.
Is that what you do, too, Michael?

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