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Re: Aikido Works

Personally, I am at the point right now where I am interested in the idea that Aikido technique success or failure is resolved at the first martial moment. Because of that, the rest of the technique after that first moment is a waste, in my current outlook. Maybe next year my point of view will change and I'll be interested in zanshin. Who knows.
I am ALWAYS interested in this as my ulimate goal. However, I have not found it to be a reality when in full free sparring/randori with someone who is coming from many different directions, fast, with feints, and frankly does not worry about being struck a few times on his way in to achieve the clinch.

My interest right now lay in trying to figure out how to control a guy with all this going on, while not being taking to the ground so you can eventually get to a good position, namely his backside where you can then perform something like irminage. All this while watching for weapons in the other hand, and other partners he may have.

I have my work cut out!
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