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Re: Aikido Works

These days I am leaning more to a mixed martial arts way of life.

I guess I kind of equate it to muscians. I think the really good ones study the classics, develop a good base in one or two styles of established music such as classical, or jazz, then combine it into their own art and make it their own.

Others will choose to stay within the realm of the traditional and become really good.

I think there are many good things to learn from Aikido, and think it is a wonderful base to grow on if y ou want to become a serious, lifetime, well rounded martial artist.

Studying primarily under the army combatives system, we are taking the basics of BJJ, the mid range skills of Muay Thai and american boxing, and the weapons of kali and escrima.

I am also seeing much benefit to learning russian sambo and judo as well.

I am glad for my base in aikido as it offers a great platform to grow on...for a lifetime.
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