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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido Works

Michael Neal wrote:
Ron, then I would argue that today's instructors need to take this into consideration and not be so rigidly attached to practicing Aikido so traditionally. The majority of new Aikido students do not have previous martial arts expereince.
I think that many do...the yoshinkan for instance, teaches breakfalls in just about every class. Falls that have stood me well with judoka as well as in Daito ryu practice (I may have overstated my reluctance to get thrown by you when trying to be humerous ).

While it may be blasphemous to some, it would not hurt to borrow some of the Judo breakfall warmups practices, and do them regularly in place of other less useful warmup exercises.
Well, I would do them in addition to...I don't think any of the warmups we do are 'less usefull', from an aikido perspective. YMMV By the way, can you describe them? We do an exercise where you start sitting or kneeling, rock back, and breakfall to right or left practicing bent leg, straight leg, weight on the bent leg, hand on the straight leg side slaps. In beginners classes as well as others. Basically a judo hard fall, with more emphasis on the slapping (very early for the silent breakfall).

As well as practice koshinage more regularly. And koshinage is alot more useful than many of the Aikido techniques that are practice all the time in Aikido dojos.
Well, I've seen many variations of koshinage...some are just begging for uke to choke you out... I happen to like the variation I learned at the yoshinkan, and add it to kotegaishi, shihonage, and a few others...but then I'm also slightly evil...

Oh, and please stop by now and again to let us know how you are doing!

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