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Michael Neal
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Re: Aikido Works

Well, that's the way Aikido is. They don't do things the way Judo does because they're not Judo; that's all there is to it. If you can't accept it, too bad
Its not too bad for me, it is too bad for the Aikido people who injure themselves because they can't take ukemi. And its too bad for all the Aikidoka who can not learn how to do a simple hip throw because there classmates can't take the fall. It impedes the learning process.

Robert is right, it is a safety issue at the very least. But I am not as confident as he in saying that the shodan he mentioned has perfectly fine Aikido even if he can not take breakfalls. Aikido, as it was explained to me through instruction, is at least 50% ukemi.

And some people here were arguing with me a while back that an average Aikidoka would have no problem sparring with an average Judoka, they seemed to think that the Judoka had no advantage. Well, for one thing it seems the avergae Aikidoka would get smeared by the most basic technique in the Judoka's arsenal.
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