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Re: techniquies in street fights

getting back to the point.......

I think that we can all agree that it is how it falls in a street fight- there is no set technique for a given situation and even if there was, it does not necessarily have to be followed.

Having been in a few scraps / knocks/ brawls or whatever you lot want to call it and taking a sit down to reflect the past 3ish years of aikido- i can see where it would go. Not full on techniques per say, some of the basic movements to get you out the way and exploit a more advantageous position,but if the opportunity arose for a technique, you could take it.

in my opinion, initiative is important, and as you do not know the attack that is going to be performed before it is actually performed, you must endeavor to steal it whenever possible, taking the battle to the enemy (atemi) or by forcing them to react although this is harder. I have always been told that those who have the initiative have the advantage as they control the pace, location and setup of battle and can possibly lure others into second intention attacks (some boast about 3rd or 4th intention but i don't think one can plan that far...). Initiative is not the end all however but it does give the combatant the edge.

In a nutshell- everything has its place, and a place and time for everything. The hard part is locating and identifying that time. it is how it falls as sensei smith is always telling me.

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