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Re: Sticking to aiki principles

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
Of course, the aiki principles can be applied also to other Martial arts. The thing is to recognize the potency of those principles, and train enough to be able to apply them.

But is it being done in enough places though? I get the feeling that many don't ever get to experience or even see this level of potency sometimes. I am not talking so much about the demos of exemplary Instructors, but in how they use their own training regimens to inculcate these traits into their students. To me the applicable range of Aiki no ri is so vast if we really try to understand it and get our minds and bodies to a level where we can execute it. The question is though, is this being done in a way that is sound enough that things operate in a same or similar manner even when resistant forces come into the mix? Or is it only explored at the cooperative level in the majority of cases?


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