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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Lynn Seiser wrote:
The question isn't are we tending towards or accepting a culture of martial mediocrity in Aikido, but are you personally going for excellence in your training.
Hi Lynn,

Good post. As far as I'm concerned one should at least be striving for excellence from the time they step on the mat until they step off. This is part of the personal development aspects of the training, the overcoming of challenges and limitations on the self.

What I am referring to however, is the lack of pursuit of excellence when it comes to applying and truly understanding the range of applicability of Aiki principles to more than just simple situations of cooperative interaction, but allowing Aiki to truly show its power as a group of principles that can bring reconciliation of conflict whether physical or otherwise while under the pressures of something that does not want to reconcile easily.

Just my thoughts.

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