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Ron Tisdale
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Re: techniquies in street fights

would this be acceptable i wonder in court?
In the moment, Who Cares? You have 10 guys ganging up on you, break the first five I say. Then the next five will have something to consider...and you may get a chance to walk away, rather than going to hospital (or worse yet, the morgue).

Gangs always pissed me off. I remember all the way back to first grade, when the white guys didn't like the one black guy in the school, so they ganged up on him, and when he went to kicking to defend himself they taunted him for kicking. I said 'screw you', and went on kicking. You don't like being kicked...don't gang up on someone. You don't like being broken...same thing.

Ron (priorities, with the court later)

Ron Tisdale
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