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Re: techniquies in street fights

This is a bit of a digression, but it is extremely rare for anyone to be prosecuted in this country for overcooking their 'self defense'. In just about every case the person doing the 'self defense' went so far overboard that there really couldn't be any credible claim that it was still self defense at all.

True- true.
I would just like a clear line from a bobby on the beat of what i can do. For example- 1 on 1 as has happened before, i would just try and walk away or dump them on their arse.

what about 5 on one? or ten even, which lets face it is far more likely as the yobs always roam in packs....
Sensei tells me that break the arm of the first attacker to act as a deterrent. He seemed serious about it.
"isn't that an itty bit harsh sensei?"
"No way! sorry, but break it. Keep him down! Martial! Martial mind. I don't want him getting back up, and now his mates have got to get over him to get to me. End it! Bang!"

would this be acceptable i wonder in court?

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