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Re: MA background

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
Yes, please. Note that Alex gave his MA background, because it was demanded of him. An unfair demand, I would say.

I hope that Jun corrects me if I am wrong, but I have the impression that we should avoid "pulling ranks" and such, in this forum.
I asked, and it wasn't unfair. When someone posts things like "in my experience..." it becomes reasonable to enquire what that experience is.

There is no rank here, but all people's experience is not the same, and on various topics some people talk with vastly more authority than others.

Thanks Alex, for putting your posts into context.
Now we get to the niggling argument of what is enough? In your eyes this is one thing, in the eyes of a law court it may be something else.
This is a bit of a digression, but it is extremely rare for anyone to be prosecuted in this country for overcooking their 'self defence'. In just about every case the person doing the 'self defence' went so far overboard that there really couldn't be any credible claim that it was still self defence at all.

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