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Re: techniquies in street fights

So I suppose that "Aikido = Pants" qualifies as decent writing?
All are entitled to their opinions and as long as they are justified by a decent and fair argument, i see no trespass. In my opinion it is important to think this way- how else does the art evolve?
If all aikidoka constantly thinks "that will work all of the time" and ignore the possibility's for counter strike, how can the art expect to keep pace with others?

Some of the Dojos i know Especially Renshin-kan (not to much zanshin-kai) suffer from the problem that other martial arts take students away as they have more glamor and attention for example Kung Fu. Most people know kung fu is deadly and many are pulled away because they want to be hard and boast about it....

If aikido evolves in the right way- soon it may have such a reputation. But in order to evolve one must Think outside the Box. Or the dojo in this case....

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