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Re: techniquies in street fights

Jakob Blomquist wrote:
Someone that has been training aikido for what is it a quarter of a century think someone (perhaps Alex) has something interesting to say about aikido.
Someone else who has trained aikido for a couple of years or less thinks that same person write a load of rubbish about same things, since they seem to have figured this thing called aikido so well within this time...

Hmm... I don't know, but I think all of you have good points about knife vs. aikido vs. knife, but some of you seem to respect other little bit less (and for the life of me the only reason seem to be simply because Alex, in this case, isn't one of the long timers in these foras!

Of course I could be wrong...
You're absolutely right.

You could be wrong.

Stefan makes the point about avoiding pulling rank and one of the very next things you attempt to do is?......

See you quoted above.

If an interesting opinion is "Aikido = pants" and "....guns are good but knifes, swords anything which resembles a tooth is better,...." and this is respected by somebody training 25 years or more then I can only say that this diminishes my respect for the person who has done 25 years training.

I also note that your mate Stefan started "instructing" after one year's training.

So one year would be enough to instruct but not enough to have an opinion?

I never claimed to have "figured this thing called aikido so well within this time..." in fact I don't expect to have "figured it out" totally within my lifetime. Just like music, it's a lifetime study. I sincerely hope that I'm discovering new things well into my old age.

But I'm quite sure that if someone comes along and starts talking crap in the meantime, I'm not just going to sit there and say, "My. What an interesting and valid opinion. I think I really must respect this because we don't do conflict in Aikido."

If Alex was respected a little less it had nothing to do with his time on the boards or in Aikido but with the fact that he wasn't talking sense.

He seems to be making more now. I for one sincerely hope this continues.

You might look at the fact that the people giving him a hard time had more experience of the knife side of the equation and were concerned about the "advice" that he was giving out so freely.

Perhaps you would be happier if some anonymous reader took his advice to heart because nobody challenged it and went out and got seriously injured whilst thinking that knives only gave their wielder a psychological advantage.

There'd be less conflict on the forum though.



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