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Matt Molloy
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Re: Alex

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
Alex, all through this thread I have been impressed by your decent writing, even when treated quite disrespectfully by others, and I have found your views interesting and quite reasonable.
So I suppose that "Aikido = Pants" qualifies as decent writing?

And "....guns are good but knifes, swords anything which resembles a tooth is better,...." would be a reasonable opinion?

I'm afraid that we would have to differ on this.

Myself, during a varied life, I've studied (in no particular order); Karate, Ju-Jitsu (basically a "dirty" version of Judo), Wing Chun (Samuel Kwok lineage) Muay Thai, Aiki-Jujutsu (Kaze Arashi Ryu version) and Escrima.

Since 2001, my main two martial arts have been Aikido and (more recently) Kendo although I still cross train occasionally.

I personally thought that Alex's history was one of the first decent posts from him on the thread, it's just unfortunate that up to that point we had a lot of rubbish.

As for "pulling rank" nobody is doing that but neither are we going to sit here and accept a load of rubbish (that could potentially be read by a more inexperienced person and, if put into practice, lead to quite a nasty situation), and just nod our heads because we're Aikidoka and we don't want any of that nasty conflict stuff.


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