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Re: Aikido Works

Michael Gallagher wrote:
The Seidokan dojo I was in in the 1980s never got to things like it or aiki-otoshi
Kobayashi sensei removed koshinage (and other things) from the official Seidokan curriculum. As for breakfalls we practice them in my class but not at my Sensei's school. They just aren't needed for the majority of Seidokan techniques. I run my class through them because my students tend to travel to other places more and I want them to have at least a rudimentary ability with them.

I can understand Michael's frustration but I just can't agree with it. Different people train for different reasons and at different levels. That should be respected. When you find folks that want to train at the same intensity you do, ramp it up. When you are partnered with someone who doesn't want to go there bring it down and study the technique under slower, more controlled conditions. You can learn a lot doing both. In the end it's their training and if they are getting what they need/want from it who are we to say it's not good training.

Michael Neal wrote:
But many of these same people had no problem going full out on me when it suited them.
That, I agree, would get on my nerves rather quickly. It'd be different if you asked to be thrown hard but if they just took it upon themselves to slam you but wouldn't let you train in kind when it was their turn to receive....not cool.


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