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Re: MA background

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
Yes, please. Note that Alex gave his MA background, because it was demanded of him. An unfair demand, I would say.

I hope that Jun corrects me if I am wrong, but I have the impression that we should avoid "pulling ranks" and such, in this forum.
I don't see it as an unfair request or "pulling rank" so much. Since there are folks who may actually listen to some of the advice given on web fora in how they approach aspects of training, new ideas etc. it is good to get a feel for where the information is coming from.

One may feel a bit more comfortable taking advice and seriously evaluating information given in the opinions of folks who may have some degree of authority or experience in what they are speaking about. One does not ask a tailor how to bake a cake for example.

It is good that those involved have the confidence in their abilities and their ideas to put forward some of their history, since it helps to frame and put into context what the person is talking about and where they are coming from.

Also there are old timers and newbies on Aikiweb all the time. Some folks' histories and abilities are known by the general population here and others are not as well known as yet. Often folks start off with an introduction that gives their training history and experience before posting on active threads.

Imagine someone who looks to these threads for some solid ideas on real life defence based on the experiences of others that may have had such experiences, especially in the case of an art like Aikido where many train in an environment very far removed from reality. The experiences and histories of those who have been on the pointy edge of things have as much relevance as the words they speak about the experiences imho. If one gets lucky in a confrontation for example and a toothpick causes him to escape unhurt, one should realise that it was luck that caused a favourable outcome and not go around preaching that the toothpick defence is the ultimate (not that anyone here is doing that).

Just my thoughts.

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