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Re: Aikido A Place to Find True Love?

Be careful what you wish for.

I wasn't looking for love in the dojo, in fact I know we both resisted the attraction for several months and in fact it took a group road trip and being left on our own for an evening for the unspoken to be expressed during a stroll after long intensely enjoyable dinner conversation. We were already very good friends at that point.

What followed was an intensely passionate romance and relationship for several years. I felt that was my true love and the fact that we both did and loved aikido was just icing on the cake.

but when it comes down to the point of making life long commitment decisions, It really is no different than any other relationship that starts through a shared common interest or physical activity. We could have both loved tennis and met at a tennis club. The relationship can get derailed by differences in attitudes, family, careers and all the other external stuff out there beyond the dojo. I imagine my attitude toward the idea would be totally positive if we had gotten married. Regardless I don't think casual dojo dating is a good idea. It should be something you both are drawn to and even then it might not work out and you have to struggle with letting go, which is going to be tough for many people if you are members of the same dojo.

Find someone who is secure enough to allow you a passion that is outside of the circle you draw together, and you will be doing awfully good.

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