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Michael Neal wrote:
Well my response to that is take some time from training techniques and do more randori.
Point is if the time it takes to train techniques is a function of how long it takes sensei to help out everybody, then cutting that off to do randori ends up short-changing people.

But that is exactly my problem, there shouldn't be any higher ranking students having problems with a koshinage breakfall .....
IIRC, the person in question may have been doing it for the very first time.

it is ridiculous.You should never get a higher rank without being able to take a fall ....
Oh, really? Why? I don't know about ASU dojos like your old one (I peaked at the web site), but in the dojos I've been to, Koshi nage isn't the first technique new people learn. The Seidokan dojo I was in in the 1980s never got to things like it or aiki-otoshi, so I spent almost twenty years thinking Aikido didn't have those things! It's not listed at all in Best Aikido: The Fundamentals by O Sensei's son and grandson (although the Doshu' sequel does cover them). It appears to be something introduced at an "intermediate" level if you want to call it that. Judo, obviously, gets to hip throws sooner, and if they are harder than the Aikido version, then it makes sense that a senior Judo student would be better acquainted with those kind of falls than an Aikido student at the same level. This is because the two arts have different emphasis and different curricula. Neither is right or wrong, just different.

Oh, and BTW, I haven't seen hip throws in the grappling systems I've been introduced to as part of Kali. That doesn't mean they're not there, but I haven't seen them yet. And I've been doing Kali continuously for seven years.

However, when I suprisingly learned that those students could not handle it i did not do it anymore ....
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