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Smile Re: Aikido A Place to Find True Love?

otto lam wrote:
Hi everyone,

I had always thought how ideal it would be to have an Aikido girlfriend. I had thought about all the things that could go wrong, and eventually decided that I didn't want make a mess of my sacred training grounds.

Later on realized that that wasn't even the issue, infact our Dojo simply doesn't have many women.

So what to do? i thought what if i go and visit other Dojo's?, I asked Sensei, and he said that would be poor etiquette.

I guess that leaves seminars, except that you will meet people that live so far away.

I agree with the idea that those who train out of a sincere love of the art would be people who are more likely to share simliar values and generally be of good character.

i guess until i figure out a way, the whole Aikido girlfriend idea remains just that, an idea.

Otto, sometimes girlfriends are like aikido techniques. You work for a long time in an attempt to find them, and then they find you. Keep looking.
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