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Re: techniquies in street fights

Sean Orchard wrote:
There are people posting here who have a vast amount of real world experience of all sorts of things. Their posts are generally somewhat different to yours.

If you don't want people to assume those things about you, then out with it: Who are you? What are you capable of? What experience do you have? etc..

I'm Alex, I'm 22. My father started teaching me martial arts, mainly Ju-jitsu and a bit of boxing when I was small, I have a half brother who's way older than me, way wiser than me and his training is mostly in Aikido, although he's done other stuff, Thai boxing couple of other things, not too sure. He's never been around much but I used to train with him when he was living with us, plus most of my family have been in the army so they taught me stuff too. All this got put to good use at school because for the first 17 years of my life I was pretty much always picked on everywhere I went, literally first to last day of school, in the scouts, cadets, everywhere. I'm quiet, shy and far too easy going for my own good, so I'm a good target, that said I also have a bit of a defiant streak which meant that being in fights inside and outside school was never anything unusual for me. There was a point where I got so angry I was going to punch someone even if he and his mates jumped me for it. Being small didn't help either so if someone wanted to show off how hard they were or impress their girlfriend, yours truely got jumped. Occasionally I dished out more than I took but not usually. 5 or 6 on one isn't good and no-one would take me on one on one.
Anyway when I was 14 or so I started formally learning Ju-jitsu which lasted for about 2 years or so until my Sensei left the country to work abroad at which point the dojo closed and I went and studied TKD for about 6 months but left that when I found a place that was teaching TKD, Ju-jitsu and Aikido and I stayed there for nearly 3 years until they got facinated by kickboxing at which point I decided I'd rather not be there because they were basically training me to jump into a ring and beat people up for no reason. After that I went on to do Lau Gar style Kung fu and Kickboxing, my Sifu taught both, 3 hour lessons, 1st hour and a half would be kickboxing, second would be Kung Fu, that lasted about 6 months until the club folded and my Sifu suggested I go and see my present Sensei and that was about two years ago. Reccently I've also started back at Ju-jitsu. Also looking for somewhere that teaches Krav Maga.
During that time I've been in more than enough trouble. People have tried to mug me 4 times, been in 3 fights involving knives about 6 involving broken bottles or glasses, one with an iron bar, various other scuffels the last serious one being in 2002 when I changed where I hang out to somewhere with less trouble. Being a goth doesn't help either. Certain sections of the community feel they have a god given right to start on you. I've also worked in bars where basically there were no bouncers so I was security and have had to deal with drunk aggressive people that basically wanted a fight.
As I said earlier pretty much everyone I know does some form of martial art, most of them are Dan grade and above and we're always training with each other since were all students and have far too much time on our hands.
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