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Re: techniquies in street fights

Sean Orchard wrote:

Lol. You seem to think you're batman, but I'm afraid you'll not be taken too seriously here as long as you're wearing your underpants over the top of your hakama.

Oh I'm not batman. I just train a lot with my mates outside the dojo, especially during the summer, you get more freedom and time to experiement that way, plus since most of my mates have martial arts back grounds it's interesting to see all the different view points. Painful too. To be honest I'm not that great at any one martial art, I just have a broad range of knowlege that's usually enough to get me out of trouble.
If I'm taken seriously then I'm taken seriously, if not so what. The people around me take me seriously.
If I come across as cocky's because I know I've been taught by some really good people and so far I've been able to deal quite well with any situation that I've found myself in.
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